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CURRENT LITIGATION The following information originally appeared in The Safari Club International Litigation Newsletter, January 2019 Vol. XIII, No. I CONVENTION EDITION SCI is currently involved, will soon be involved, or has recently been involved in the following cases: Defense of Congressional Review Act and Joint Resolution (CBD v. Zinke) – Anti-hunting groups sued to invalidate Joint Resolution […]

Hunting Resolutions for 2019

What are your hunting resolutions for 2019? We hope the list includes, “Spend more time in nature.” Last month we wrote and article on Ethical Hunting Rules that covered basic practices that every hunter should follow.  SCI is founded on these principals and our members hunt responsibly. Many people don’t realize that SCI protects Hunters’ Rights […]

Hunter Safety Information for Michigan

Safari Club is very passionate about Hunter Safety. We do our part to fund educational programs and through 12/31/2017 our Lansing chapter contributed $4,750 to the Michigan Youth Hunter Education Council and $3,200 for Gun Safety Education. We believe that children should be encouraged to spend time outdoors and develop a love and appreciate for […]

Walleye, Wow What Fun

By Jim Leonard, Lansing Chapter Member Fishing for Walleye on Lake Erie At our last Chapter Fundraiser, Mike bought a Lake Erie walleye fishing trip from Paul Bolling of Spinner-and-Spoon Sportfishing Charters. Luckily Mike asked me, Janet, and our other son Greg to accompany him. The date was finely set for June 19th. We really […]