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My First Bird

by Brianna Metcalf, an avid hunter, and daughter of our current Lansing Chapter President Bang! The bird went down, Tanner went after it and brought it to Mom. Now, most people would say that after something exciting happened the time before and during was a blur, not me. I remember the immensely boring car drive […]

Fishing Safety

by Ed H. Edwards, SCI Lansing Chapter Member, and avid hunter “It’s better to be careful a hundred times, than to get killed once!” -Mark Twain There are so many aspects that apply to safe hunting. As hunters, we are trained and reminded of them often.  Here are a few: Firearm and Archery Tree Stand […]

Fallow Deer, New Zealand

by Pam Metcalf, SCI Lansing Chapter Member, and avid hunter An animal of a lifetime, a hunt of a lifetime, an experience of a lifetime.   Passports, check; 3 suitcases, check; Bow, arrows, hunting gear; check, check and check.  So where are we off to?  Spring Break!  New Zealand style.  No swimsuit or sunblock required.  New […]

The Limcroma Experience

by Ed H. Edwards, SCI Lansing Chapter Member, and avid hunter “What I have been driving at all along is an explanation of why I want to go back to Africa again and again. It is because I discovered in Africa my own true importance, which is largely nothing. “ -Robert Ruark My old Ruger was […]