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Ibex Hunting in Spain

SPANISH SLAM: Ibex Hunting Fever by David Ratliff Once you discover Ibex hunting, it becomes a passion. A few years ago, I did a Marco Polo sheep hunt in Tajikistan and that time I took a beautiful Mid-Asian Ibex. Since then my fascination with the Ibex species had grown into a quest to harvest more […]

A Personal Experience at American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS)

What is the American Wilderness Leadership School? The American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a school (primarily for teachers, there is also one session available for students) run by The Safari Club International Foundation that offers hands-on training and lessons focused around the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.  Participants are […]

A Prime Kansas Whitetail

by Ed H. Edwards, SCI Lansing Member In my opinion, stand hunting whitetail can be one of the most mentally demanding activities a person can put themselves through. What do hunters think about during all that quiet time in the woods? Proper clothing and nutrition will take care of you physically, but mental alertness for […]