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Fundraiser Donor Spotlight: Alberto Valdes “Beto” of Hunt Conexion Mexico

SCI Fundraisers would not be possible without donors! Alberto, of Hunt Conexion Mexico, is a repeat doner to SCI Lansing Fundraisers and has arranged hunting trips throughout Mexico for many of our Chapter Members. From their website: “From magnificent Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Sonoran desert to iridescent feathered Ocellated Turkey down on the Yucatan Peninsula, […]

Cotton Tree Lodge         

A Cultural and Fishing Experience at Cotton Tree Lodge in the Belizean Jungle! by Ed H. Edwards, SCI Lansing Chapter Member, avid hunter, and fisherman The strike was not very violent, more like the sensation of snagging a stick for the first few seconds, but feeling the twitch-twitch I rear back and the swimbaits hook […]

My First Bird

by Brianna Metcalf, an avid hunter, and daughter of our current Lansing Chapter President Bang! The bird went down, Tanner went after it and brought it to Mom. Now, most people would say that after something exciting happened the time before and during was a blur, not me. I remember the immensely boring car drive […]