SCI Record Book

The chapter Record Book is divided into three sections—Africa, North America, and Rest of the World, including North American Introduced and Turkeys. One of these three sections is revised each year on a rotating basis. In 2015 we are revising the Rest of the World, including North American Introduced and Turkeys section. In 2016 we will revise the North America section and in 2017 the Africa section. The deadline for each year’s entries is October 1 of that year, but entries can be submitted for any section at any time. We encourage all chapter members to participate. It is a tribute to the animal taken as well as the hunter to be included in our record book. There is no minimum score.

Send your SCI scoring forms to:

SCI – Lansing Chapter
P.O. Box 72
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

If your trophies have not been scored, contact one of our chapter measurers listed below.

Participate, join in the fun, and enter your animals in our chapter record book.

Official Measurers

Name Type Phone Location
Tom Belloli Official 517-339-1052 Haslett
Glenn Belyea Official 517-641-4224 Bath
Terry Borges Official 517-668-6494 Dewitt
Terry Braden Master 517-655-4157 Williamston
Jim Houthoofd Official 517-339-6842 Haslett
Ken Johnston Master 517-349-2976 Okemos
Ron Lanford Master 517-278-5667 Coldwater
Tim Torpey Official 989-382-7089 Barrington
Mike Leonard Official 734-231-3226 Dexter
John Murray Official 517-627-2147 Grand Ledge
Charles Rogers Official 517-414-6050 Jackson
Lynn Rogers Official 517-879-9899 Jackson
Paul Spencer Official 517-628-3630 Eaton Rapids