Hunting Resolutions for 2019

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What are your hunting resolutions for 2019? We hope the list includes, “Spend more time in nature.”

Last month we wrote and article on Ethical Hunting Rules that covered basic practices that every hunter should follow.  SCI is founded on these principals and our members hunt responsibly. Many people don’t realize that SCI protects Hunters’ Rights and promotes conservation of wildlife.

Some people might not understand that you can be a conservationist and a hunter–but you can. Yes, we do hunt and fish. However, our local chapter also spends a lot of time, money, and resources to improve the great Michigan outdoors.  SCI, as a whole, is an international organization that does this worldwide.

For a look into some of the recent and ongoing projects we have supported, click here.

Let’s take a look at some things that will make your hunting and time outside more enjoyable and meaningful.

Hunting Resolutions for 2019: A Guide

Try New Recipes

We all have our favorite wild game dishes. We’d love to hear what yours are. However, there are many great ways to prepare wild game, so make an effort this year to try something new.  Maybe it’s smoked meat, jerky, or a new sauce.  Ask your friends what they like and trade ideas.  You could even plan a “wild game dinner” with friends and family.  Everyone brings a dish and you can try lots of new things at once.  Post your favorite dishes in the comments.

It’s also a really nice thing to share some of your venison.  Summer sausage makes great gifts!  Introduce someone to venison who has never tried it.  I know, it’s hard to believe these people exist, but they do!  They have no idea what they are missing.  You could change that for them.

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Be A Mentor

The number of youth who are introduced to hunting is declining. Kids need to spend time with trusted adults and need to spend more time outdoors.  Hunting is a perfect way to do both and share some quality time.  Think of it as your duty to pass on our hunting heritage.  Michigan has seen a decline in the number of hunting licenses sold, which means less revenue for wildlife management and conservation projects. Take a kid hunting today!

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Discover a New Place to Hunt

Do you have a bucket list of places you dream of hunting? What about a certain animal you want to stalk and harvest? Make your dream a reality this year and start planning your trip now. Our Chapter’s Annual Fundraising Event is coming up on March 19-20th, where there will be many hunting trips available to bid on. Some of them are in Michigan, some in the United States, and some of them are all over the world. This is a great opportunity to go on the hunt of your dreams. You do not need to be an SCI member to attend the event or bid on items. We welcome you!

If you are looking to stick closer to home, change up your routine a bit this year. Maybe try a new public hunting place or reach out to your networks to “trade” spots or get access to new stomping grounds. You might meet some neighbors while you are at it.

It’s always nice to stare at different trees once in awhile!

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Join a Hunting Group

There are many different types of hunting organizations and SCI is just one of them. We encourage you to visit several and meet new people who have similar interests as you do. Hunting Ranges and Clubs are also a great place to meet people.  Maybe they have skeet shooting or something that you’ve never done before. Make it a point to visit a new one this year.

If you would like more information on joining SCI, click here.


Practice Your Shooting

Some hunters get out their firearm or bow just before hunting season, tune it all up, take a few practice shots and away they go. Sound familiar? Your skills will greatly improve if you practice all year round. Build up your muscle memory and accuracy–the better shot you are, the more fun hunting is and it is the ethical way to harvest an animal. This is also a great way to spend time with the young hunter you are mentoring.

Build a back yard shooting range (see local, state, and Federal laws) or find a local one to use.  Either way, keep shooting!

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Add New Gear to Your Collection

With technology always improving, there are many hunting apps , gadgets, and things to check out. Trail cams have come a long way too! Remember, it’s not necessarily “cheating”, it’s having fun! It might also be a good way to get those tech-savvy kids interested in hunting too!

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The Wrap Up

Don’t these hunting resolutions sound much more fun than “losing weight” or “getting organized?” BORING! Bring some passion back into the sport you love by doing some new things. We want to hear about your hunting resolutions and what you are adding to your life to get outdoors more. Happy hunting!


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