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Hunting Apps: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

How do you feel about bringing technology and hunting apps into the woods? Does it break some deep and holistic approach you have toward the hunt? Or do you welcome anything that can help make your hunt go better?

Well, if you are in the latter (deer) camp, here are some apps that you might just love!

Hunting Apps All Hunters Need:

Navigation Apps

  • Google Earth. This app was not designed for hunting but can prove extremely useful.  You can scout a hunting area before you get out there, plan vantage points, potential stand locations, discover deer trails, clearings, and more.
  • Google Maps. Don’t ever get lost again.

Weather Apps

  • AccuWeather. Check the weather before you leave home. Temperature and wind direction are extremely important to keep tabs on.
  • Sunrise Sunset. Sunrise and Sunset timings for any place in the world and for any date.

Tracking Apps

  • Deer Calls & Tactics Pro. Deer Calls & Tactics Pro is the most comprehensive deer call mobile app for the iPhone and Droid. Provides 12 of the most effective deer calls & sounds for both bucks and does for all phases of the “Rut”.  Click to play the deer calls right on your iPhone’s speakers or hook up to external speakers for amplified sounds (check local laws for ability to use electronic calls for deer).
  • Deer & Deer Hunting’s Shot Simulator. NO MORE GUESSING – SEE EXACTLY WHERE YOUR SHOT HIT! Seasoned deer hunters know it is imperative to know where their arrow or bullet struck before taking up the trail of any whitetail. In this state-of-the-art animated program, you can position the deer exactly as it was when you were hunting, take the shot, and then learn exactly which organs were hit. Position yourself from tree-stand height or ground-blind level and position the deer at any angle.

  • iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times. The #1 solunar tables app and determines the best hunting times and best fishing times for any date, any location – worldwide! Provides all peak feeding / activity times and applies  ALL wildlife and fish. Easy-to-read tables – no complicated graphics.

Hunting Games

  • Go Hunting Archery Edition. Head into the outdoors and experience the thrill of Big Game Hunting, 3D shoots and unique arcade challenges in this first-of-its kind game. Avid archers and bowhunters can finally maintain their edge in the off-season, while players new to the sport have the unique opportunity, at their fingertips, to see why archery is one of our fastest growing sports.
  • Realtree Archery Challenge. Team up with Realtree and head into the great outdoors to practice your archery ability. Test your skill across varying terrains against targets that get progressively harder to hit. Show off your score and compare it against your friends’ through Facebook.

What is your favorite hunting apps? We want to know!

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