Elk Hunting in Michigan: A Young Hunter’s Story

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A patient 9-year-old boy has a great elk hunting story in Michigan following a weekend hunt in January.  Anthony Mazzali of Haslett, Elk Hunting in Michigan Michigan, with the guidance of owner Jerry McQuestion and relative Linc LaFontaine, took down his first elk from a spot and stalk hunt while out with his father at Rack-A-Tack Ranch in Leroy, Michigan.  

Anthony saw the elk come into view about 100 yards away.  He waited until the elk approached closer to 80 yards then he fired off his 450 bushmaster rifle and watched as the elk fell immediately to the ground and never got up.

Anthony and his father came upon the huge animal and saw a clean shot to the neck.  The elk weighed 650 pounds and its hide will become a reminder as a spread on Anthony’s bed at home.  

This is not the first time Anthony shot his gun and received a prize.  Earlier in the season, Anthony shot his first white tail buck out at his family’s property in Owosso, Michigan.  

Anthony and his family want to thank Bob Northrup, Jerry McQuestion from Rack-A-Tack and Linc for all their hospitality and help at the ranch and the Lansing SCI for making this hunt possible.  Anthony was able to participate in this amazing opportunity from a donation by Bob Northrup after his family won the auction bid at the 2018 Annual Lansing SCI Fundraiser.

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