Letter from Lansing SCI President: March 2021

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Good Morning Lansing Chapter SCI Members!!

My coffee this morning seems to taste a little bit better.  The sun coming up over the end of the lake seems a little bit brighter, and with the snow beginning to melt as temperatures rise, summer seems not so far away!  

In the past year, many of us lost friends and family.  We have all been concerned with COVID-19, with elections, and with social unrest across our country.  It is almost a year ago that the world closed.  Our Chapter had to cancel our “in-person” annual Banquet and instead hosted an online auction.  Fortunately, that decision, and your continued support and generosity, allowed our chapter to raise much-needed resources.  Those resources have gone to support SCI National, chapter projects, as well as an effort to support struggling outfitters whose businesses may not have been able to survive the shutdown.  In total, SCI National collected almost $500,000 that has been donated to support those struggling outfitters across the world.  Additionally, last year’s online fundraiser allowed our chapter to continue to be in a financial position to support this year’s Safari Wish youth hunt as well as our annual veterans’ hunt.  Reflecting on the past year, while there were success stories, I believe we can all agree that we hope that this season will soon be over!

Looking forward, hopefully, life becomes more normal and we can begin to come together to support each other and support our passion for life in the outdoors. Recently, the Lansing Chapter SCI Board decided to postpone this year’s March Banquet due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.  Instead of a March Banquet, our Board has decided to look toward this fall, specifically planning to develop a much enhanced in-person “Whitetail” night in September that would include an auction, possibly raffle prizes, a possible whitetail seminar, a big buck contest (whitetails harvested between Jan. 18, 2020, and date of event), and a very nice dinner.  More details will be shared in the near future.

Finally, the Lansing SCI Board continues to discuss the timing of our next in-person chapter meeting, (maybe this summer?), as well as designing our best ever Annual Banquet (2022) in a format that we have all come to know and love!

Please be safe and know that the future is bright –  we will get through this!

SCI – First for Hunters®!!

Dr. Brian Metcalf

President Safari Club International Lansing Area Chapter


Safari Club International is the leading voice in the fight to protect the freedom to hunt, both in the United States and internationally. The SCI Departments of Legal Advocacy Resources and International Affairs and Government Relations is headquartered in Washington, D.C., advocating on behalf of SCI members and non-members alike. From staff dedicated to legislation and policy to a team of litigators, SCI hunter advocacy is at the forefront of protecting the hunting heritage. SCI and the SCI Foundation provide the voice of the hunter in treaties that affect hunting and wildlife conservation worldwide. This is where SCI and SCI Foundation go beyond what other hunter organizations do and why their work in this arena is critical to preserving the right to hunt.  Plus, we have lots of fun and events like this one!

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