2020 Veterans Hunt

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by Marty Crimp

The 2020 Veterans Hunt was spectacular. Every Year SCI Lansing Chapter is a Major Sponsor of the Veterans Pheasant Hunt.

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What do you call a gathering of approximately 80 United States Vets with shotguns? A wonderful day for a pheasant hunt! SCI Lansing was once again a major sponsor of this great event at Crooked Foot Hunt Club on Sunday, October 25, 2020. In addition to financial sponsorship, several chapter members were in attendance to help and enjoy the program.

The day started out with the national anthem, raffles, and a safety briefing.

The hunt started by dividing into three groups for the European tower shoot. The largest tower had twenty stations with two shooters per station. Released birds headed in all directions so it was important the shooters stayed alert. Pass shooting at high flying pheasants can be difficult to judge as they are moving much faster than they appear and many are missed or just lose a few tail feathers. Approximately 50% of the released birds made it past the shooters. Volunteers with dogs retrieved the shot birds. At each tower, two birds were released that were tagged with ribbon and the successful shooter received a prize.

After the tower shoot was finished a field hunt was organized with the assistance of pointing and flushing dogs. Many of the birds that escaped the tower shoot were taken in the field hunt.

2020 Veterans Hunt

In summary, about 800 birds were released giving the vets plenty of shooting opportunities. The birds were processed by volunteers at the Crooked Foot cleaning facility and were available for the vets who wanted fare for future meals at home.

Post hunt refreshments consisting of bacon-pheasant-jalapeno appetizers followed by an outdoor lunch of pork loin, mashed potatoes, and corn left everyone well-fed for the drive home.

A great event to honor our vets and a wonderful time for all in attendance.



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