Fundraiser Donor Spotlight: Alberto Valdes “Beto” of Hunt Conexion Mexico

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SCI Fundraisers would not be possible without donors!

Alberto, of Hunt Conexion Mexico, is a repeat doner to SCI Lansing Fundraisers and has arranged hunting trips throughout Mexico for many of our Chapter Members.

From their website: “From magnificent Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Sonoran desert to iridescent feathered Ocellated Turkey down on the Yucatan Peninsula, HUNT CONEXION MEXICO will more than gladly provide you with a quality, but – more importantly – a memorable hunting adventure in Mexico. Adventure – it’s what we do.”

Hunt Conexion Mexico

Join us as we interview Beto about his work and being an SCI donor.

SCI: Give us an outline of your background.

Alberto: My father and grandfather started taking me on their hunts when I was three years old! They were not serious hunters but they taught me to appreciate and respect the land and wildlife we were blessed to have and helped me develop shooting skills and discipline.
I had a great hunting mentor Mr. Manual Ramirez a cowboy that worked on our ranch. Manual taught me priceless hunting skills! Tracking, the feeding habits of deer, how to read signs, and how to hunt them, I swear Manual could track a deer across concrete!

Hunt Conexion Mexico

SCI: How long have you been in the hunting business?

Alberto: I have been a licensed outfitter in Mexico for 30 years. We leased out portions of our ranch and I started driving hunters out and picking them up at their assigned areas when I was 10. I started guiding hunters informally when I was 15 and got my outfitter license when I turned 18 in 1992 to this date the youngest to obtain an outfitter license.

SCI: What can you share about your business principles?

Alberto: I always want my hunters to have quality and even more importantly memorable hunting adventures. We firmly believe and practice due diligence and never send them on a hunt we have not been on ourselves. We will do what we said we would do, a simple principle we follow religiously. We oversee every step of the adventure starting with airport pickup and ending when trophies are received.

Hunt Conexion Mexico

SCI: How did you expand beyond your private land deer hunts?

Alberto: I heard about SCI through some of our lease hunters and after the lease expired, I started attending some SCI Chapter Fundraisers and promoting our hunts. Within a few years, it just snowballed! Guests were coming down to hunt with us and asking about other Mexican species that did not exist on our ranch. Naturally, the next step was to put together a network of reliable outfitters throughout Mexico. It took several years but once it was organized, I decided to start “Hunt Conrxion Mexico” in 2014.
We now offer: Three main deer categories: Whitetail, Mule, and Brocket, with a total of ten species /
sub-species. Three turkey species. Desert Bighorn Sheep, and two species of Peccary.

Hunt Conexion Mexico

SCI: Any closing comments?

Alberto: We have been blessed by the many kind-hearted and experienced guests that have hunted and recommended us over the years. We have taken over 600 + hunters on successful hunting adventures throughout Mexico and raised over $250,000.00 for hunter rights and conservation. Lastly, we owe our continued success to the hunting brotherhood and in great measure to the formidable SCI organization!

Hunt Conexion Mexico


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