Bow Hunting in Spain for the Ibex Rut

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ibex bow hunting in spain Ibex Rut in Spain (a bow hunting dream!)

by Kent Ballard, SCI Member

I spent a week in Spain bow hunting during the peak of the Ibex rut.  I shot my first animal- the smaller of the two (Bronze Ibex) with my buddy Joe’s back up bow at 50 yards.


Note to self: Never travel through Paris with hunting equipment!


The second one I shot with my own bow two days later at 80 yards. (Gold Ibex).  Either of these could qualify as my best shot ever with archery tackle- both were over the top from an adrenaline standpoint.

The people were awesome, the outfit was over the top.  If you look closely at the rock wall you can see my buddy Joe with his spotting scope on the top of the wall- right of one of the shrubs.

So Many Ibex!

They are infested with Ibex in Catalonia. A person can get 6 or 7 stalks a day on real Ibex.  If anyone would like particulars on outfitter,

don’t hesitate to drop me a line any time and I can get you information.  With a gun, a guy would literally be on Ibex in a very short window from the time

he took the field.  The number of animals reminds me of whitetail numbers around here ten years ago.

Anyhow, from Spain with Love,

– Kent Ballard

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