Jeff SwehlaMembership Chair, Record Book Chair, & Director

    Jeff has been an SCI member for  9 years. SCI to him is all about advocacy and philanthropy.

    Jeff primarily deer hunts here in the state of Michigan.  His true passion is a big game hunt which is physically challenging, contains a sense of adventure, and offers a different experience from the type of hunting and terrain available here in Michigan.

    Jeff’s favorites are:

    Rifle: With the newer rifle regulations in Michigan, Jeff is excited to now use a centerfire in the lower half of the state. His stand by is a Christensen Arms Mesa chambered in the 450 Bushmaster. He has been very pleased with this rifle and particularly the impressive precision this gun is capable of for such a chambering. Fitted with a Leupold CDS scope, Jeff has been able to accurately shoot this rifle at distances that were previously not possible before straight-walled centerfire rifles were allowed in the lower half of the state.

    Shotgun: Jeff’s favorite shotgun is his Browning Citori Classic Lightning. Though he is most commonly uses a shotgun for turkey hunting, with which he uses the classic and reliable Remington 870. Jeff states that his Citori is by far the most comfortable and finely crafted shotgun he owns.

    Other: Jeff also loves his good ‘ol .22 Long Rifle. He is currently shooting a Tikka T1x with a Bell & Carlson stock and Vortex Viper PST scope.  Jeff acknowledges that this scope is over the top for a rimfire, but feels that the precision and impeccable factory trigger on this rifle has made this an ideal scope and what makes this rifle a top choice in NRL22 base class competitions. To be able to shoot it at over 200 yards with accuracy and precision has made it a great rimfire for him to get valuable range time at these distances with the added benefit of low-cost ammo.

    Hunting Destination: Jeff’sfavorite hunting destination has been in the western regions of Canada including British Columbia and Alberta. Having traveled there several times, there’s always a reason to go back for a hunt that is different from the last.

    Fishing Destination: Jeff and his wife were fortunate enough to travel to Placencia, Belize in November 2019. “The fishing, diving, food, drinks, people, and weather were fantastic. This vacation destination offered a variety of activities and types of fishing which was a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure by offering a unique experience. Being able to free dive for conch and spearfish lobster and lionfish was absolutely amazing.”

    What advice do you or would you give to someone new to hunting?

    “I highly recommend finding someone who can serve as a mentor to help you get started. The amount of information available can be overwhelming and having someone to help you learn and filter incorrect information and useless gimmicks from the important stuff will help tremendously. If you’re looking for a one-stop shopping literature resource, I would recommend Steve Rinella’s book, The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game. With 2 volumes available covering both big game and small game, these books include a vast amount of information from the field to table including equipment, game information, hunting tactics, dressing, processing, and recipes that are perfect for the beginner hunter or the seasoned hunter looking to improve their processing skill set or try new recipes.”

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