Dr. Martin CrimpVice President

    Dr. Crimp has been a Lansing SCI member for 8 years. He is passionate about Hunter Advocacy on the state and national level.

    Martin enjoys Fly fishing, bow hunting, and firearm hunting.

    Marty’s favorites are:

    Overall: A Browning A-Bolt stainless in 270 Winchester with Bell and Carlson stock. It has taken a few animals but not enough!

    Shotgun: Arrieta 12 gauge side by side, custom ordered when teaching a short course in Madrid.

    Other: Bear Grizzly 45# recurve. My first real bow. Unfortunately, it broke years ago. I still love the smooth shot feel of recurves.

    Hunting Destination: Alaska. I love backpack hunts to places where it is necessary to prepare to take care of myself since help is a long way away.

    Fishing Destination: Upper Manistee River, Yampa River, and Yellowstone National Park Waters fly fishing for trout.

    What advice do you or would you give to someone new to hunting?

    “Find multiple mentors who are willing to take time with you to share their insight and if you are fortunate take you hunting with them. You will learn different points of view from different hunters. Get involved in organizations like SCI to meet people with common interests. It is a great organization to learn and make contact with.”